Thursday, October 18, 2012

First official post!

I think it's funny that I just started a blog. Of course, I had a Xanga, Myspace, and currently have a Facebook profile. I'm 20 years old and had to ask my mother how to do this throughout the entire set up!

I suppose I should use this first post to set the tone and go into more detail about who I am and my life. I spend my days making bottles, changing diapers, acting like a fool to make my baby laugh, and cleaning up after my 5 year old...I mean 22 year old...boyfriend. I would love to say that I get to cook, I love to cook! Unfortunately, my man-child boyfriend doesn't enjoy anything that doesn't involve cheese, meat, or pasta. No fruits or veggies allowed! At least he enjoys brownies, cakes, and cookies. We love to spend our time together as a family. Family time includes listening to music, watching cartoons, watching movies, and playing video games. Yes, we're a bunch of kids.

My little siblings are also our best friends. They're 9, 5, and 2. We relate to them pretty well, and that should give everyone a little more insight on our personalities! =P My parents are pretty hilarious, and so are my boyfriend's. There's never a boring day here!

I hope everyone kind find something useful or things that they can relate to as I get more posts up!


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  1. Bethany, you have to put up a follow box for us to follow your blog!!
    and I know you just started, it is a very pretty blog:) You can add tabs up top! That way you can organize more!!

  2. and start a twitter;) Then I can invite you to Twitter parties:P Woohoo!!

    1. I'm gonna fix stuff later when I have more time haha. A lot of the space on the top and sides keep saying it's Adsense but that nothing will show up for 48 hours while they review my page, and then when I try to take them away it won't let me. So I have to see what it'll look like after that before I can figure out what else to do.

  3. lol;p
    Let me know when you do add other stuff, so I can follow you and all!!
    There is also a cool thing on, and you get neat lil buttons for after your posts, so that people can share on any network.