Sunday, November 4, 2012

What's a hurricane?

We don't get a lot of those where I'm from. Although I wasn't hit hard at all compared to other parts of the coast, it's kept us pretty busy this past week!

I was super prepared. I filled up the bathtub and every container I could find with water, made food that we wouldn't need to cook if the power went out, took down everything outside that could blow away, and waited to be in the dark for at least a day.

The power flickered and I thought that was the end to our fun night of WWE and snacks. False alarm.

The power went off and I KNEW it was staying off. False alarm.

The power went off and at this point we were tired of DirecTv restarting and taking forever and waiting for the internet to get back to where it was supposed to be.

That was it.

Our yard was a bit of a mess. The skirting of our mobile home was blown off in some spots. Our trash can blew away. The cute little solar lights are apart and scattered throughout the yard.

The worst part of this storm for me was working the weekend before it happened and the weekend that we got everything back in stock that everyone bought up in preparation for this storm. Some people are just crazy! All of my jobs have been in some sort of store, since I was 16. I have NEVER seen anything like I've witnessed these last two weekends.

Were you hit by Sandy? I guess I was. But she was all worn out before she got to me.

I hope everyone is keeping the rest of the east coast in their thoughts! I may not have been hit hard, but jeeeeez it was terrible in some places!


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